About US



Our philosophy is simple; do more with less by working collaboratively with our clients by providing onsite and managed IT services and solutions , reduce your liability exposure by protecting your data privacy , maximize returns on your assets and recover value from excess and care about the environment.

Our strategy is centered around:

  • ·Superior service through operational excellence
  • ·Cost leadership through the efficient and effective deployment of resources
  • ·Innovation that matters through problem solving and solution development.

Our Core Capabilities are:

Data Security

  • Onsite data wipe
  • Onsite storage media shredding and degaussing

Managed IT Services

  • Application Installation
  • Asset auditing, reporting, tagging and tracking
  • Case Integration
  • Client Warehouse RFID and UID labeling
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Custom managed deployment
  • De-installation of legacy IT equipment
  • Hardware OEM integration
  • Image integration and data migration
  • Onsite IT break / fix capabilities
  • Staff augmentation

Reverse Logistics

  • Comprehensive asset recovery project management capabilities
  • Pick, pack and ship programs
  • Asset auditing and tracking
  • Material handling, transportation and warehousing

Remarketing and Recycling Services

  • Liquidation of fully packaged and open box product
  • Reclamation through recovery of reusable commodities or materials
  • Proper disposal of end of life commodities or materials
  • Waste streams analysis and management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Our services are designed to reduce costs, eliminate risks and limit on-site customer disruptions.

Our strategic alliances make our services available to all of our customers globally.

At Techway Services, eliminating private data exposure is one of our most important client missions.

We provide these broad range of Managed IT services to; consumers, large enterprises and OEMs.

We recycle all materials in an environmentally responsible and socially sound approach.

Our uniqueness is enhanced by an edge in operational excellence, proven design principles, process driven execution and proactive cost management.

Techway Services manages all aspects of the work, including; staffing, hiring and directing the daily tasks of all resources through Project Management models that can be flexed and adapted to meet different levels of client involvement.

Tell us your challenges, budget, and time frame, and we will design a customized process to fit your deployment and asset recovery needs.